Xeleron: your partner in the field of Portfolio Management and workflow tooling

Lunch session

Free knowledge-sharing sessions in Portfolio Management to learn with and from each other in a small and confidential setting. Each session has a specific topic with relevant speakers.

Inspiration session

Short, interactive session at your location of approximately one hour by Rini van Solingen about the principles of portfolio management based on his book. Together with you, he explores how you can use this in your organization.


Rini van Solingen and other trainers will take you on this two-day deep dive into Portfolio Management. In addition to the theory, you will learn how to effectively apply Portfolio Management in practice and your organization.

Portfolio Management

Cockpit Portfolio Management helps provide insight into the value of strategic initiatives and make better choices in the priorities of the portfolio.

Maturity Quickscan

The various Cockpit Maturity Quickscans help you grow your business. Start measuring your current maturity and discover how you can improve your predictability and value delivery.

Performance Booster

Cockpit Performance Management aligns your talent with your strategic plans. This supports your organization to become more flexible and respond more quickly to changes.


Tooling must fully support the way of working. With our background in consulting in the field of working methods, we can help you arrive at a suitable design from the right starting point.


Properly setting up tooling can be time-consuming and complex. We can help with experienced Atlassian Certified Experts who can carry out the setup and maintenance (temporary or otherwise).


"A fool with a tool is still a fool." Knowledge of Atlassian products maximizes returns and enthusiastic users. For this, we offer Atlassian-certified courses and tailor-made training and workshops.

Our approach

We believe that tooling is essential for organizations to support Agile and DevOps practices. In the past, we have seen that there was expertise in building and setting up good tools but that they only sometimes met the needs of an organization. On the one hand, we combine our knowledge from our software development experience, and on the other hand, our expertise from Agile transformations. By combining the two, we can help organizations become more transparent and flexible.

Our partners

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