Lack of a transparent picture of priorities and no overview?

Agile Portfolio Management from Agile Cockpit helps to understand the value of strategic initiatives and prioritizing the portfolio. 

The biggest challenge for a portfolio manager is setting the right priorities

How do you create an overview, ensure focus to achieve the right results and manage the portfolio effectively? Agile Portfolio Management from Agile Cockpit gives you the solution! Agile Portfolio Management from Agile Cockpit helps you to translate strategic goals into strategic initiatives, whereby the right choices can be made via a transparent prioritization model.

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Compile your own prioritization model 

Make better choices in the priorities of the portfolio based on your own prioritization model. Compare the priorities of the strategic initiatives in different scenarios.

Vertical alignment

Create vertical alignment between the different strategic initiatives within the portfolio and make the dependencies transparent in the roadmap.
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Increase portolio predictability

Gain insight into the results of the portfolio and the business value delivered. Use these insights to improve the portfolio.

Create transparency in the portfolio

Make transparent how the strategic initiatives contribute to the strategic goals of the organization and what benefits they realize for the organization.
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Support your PI-planning 

Increase the chance of success of the projects by supporting the PI planning with the dependency tracker in the roadmap and the risk roaming.

Integrations with JIRA and Azure DevOps

Manage your portfolio efficiently by connecting your account with JIRA or Azure DevOps. Thanks to a 2-way integration, you ensure that everyone works with the same information and you avoid unnecessary double administration. Set up your integration flexibly by determining which data is exchanged and how the information from your JIRA or Azure DevOps account is used. This way you ensure that you always work with up-to-date information.


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