Atlassian Consultancy

As a Solution Partner of Atlassian, we have several years of experience in implementing and optimizing Atlassian tooling for our customers. We help our customers to apply Atlassian tooling in their Agile organizations and to set up their organizations effectively.

Our certified Atlassian consultants know the Atlassian suite from A to Z and know how to use the Atlassian tools to enable an organization to work together as effectively and transparently as possible.

Jira implementatie & optimalisatie

Not sure where to start with your Jira implementation? We help you implement and configure the Atlassian products and ensure that they fit seamlessly with the processes within your organization. We help you create a scalable and manageable environment that offers you the proper performance. Our years of experience with Atlassian help you to prevent issues.


Jira training

With our Jira training courses, we ensure that the knowledge of the Atlassian suite within your organization remains up to date. Our practical training courses give you knowledge that you can immediately apply in practice. We make sure that Atlassian no longer holds any secrets for you.



Agile Cockpit helps your data migrate smoothly to your Jira environment, no matter how complex your environment is. We help you draw up a migration plan, test migrations, and the final migration.


Not sure which Atlassian licenses you need? We help you make the right choices in the Atlassian licenses and manage them for you. This way you do not have the administrative hassle, but you do benefit from all the benefits of your Jira licenses.


Want to learn more about Atlassian solutions?

Register for our Atlassian Webinar "Best practices of Atlassian implementations" and learn all about Atlassian solutions and implementations.