Improve your Agile maturity, start measuring!

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to increase your adaptability to changes? Do you want to eliminate waste? Start measuring your current state of Agility and discover how you can improve your predictability and value delivery.

Benefits of State of Agility


Grow your business

Move your business forward by aligning strategy and execution. Improve your ability to adapt to changing markets: shorten your time-to-market, increase your productivity, improve your quality, eliminate waste, optimize your processes and tools and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Improve quality and efficiency

Discover a data-driven and transparent way to become more predictable. Learn how to shorten your time-to-market, where you can optimize your processes and tools and build in quality. The more mature your (Agile) teams work together, the better your predictability becomes.

Increase customer satisfaction

One of the biggest reasons to introduce Agile within a company is to improve customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to more sales. Keep momentum; get into a rhythm to regularly solicit customer feedback and deliver better products/services faster.


Benefits of the assessments


Don't waste your budget by simply doing Agile

Agility is never a goal in itself. Gain a data-driven insight into your organization, teams, and roles, and get the correct information to discover how you can optimize processes and tools.

Analyze trends and ROI of your transformation

Evaluate regularly and use the reports to analyze trends and gain insight into the progress of your transformation.



Determine growth paths for new roles

With the implementation of Agile, new roles are introduced into the company. Help improve the skills for these roles and offer your people a data-driven growth path.


Take the next step in your Agile maturity

Are you ready to move your business forward? Improve alignment, quality, efficiency, and predictability in delivering value. Grow the maturity of individuals and teams and change your organization's culture. In this way, you can adapt to change now and in the future. Start measuring your state of Agility and discover your strengths and areas for improvement.


Product Owner

Improve collaboration in the Scrum Team and gain more focus on the customer and maximize the value of your Product. Knowing more?

Download the competencies of a Product Owner

Scrum Master

Get more focus on the learning curve and the feedback loop and get more impact at the management level to solve obstacles. Knowing more?

Agile Leadership

What kind of leader are you, and what skills do you need to improve to help the people within your organization? Knowing more?


Download the competencies of an Agile Leader


Gain insight into your processes and maturity in Source Code Management, Continuous Integration, Test Automation, Release Management, and more.




Agile team

What skills are available in your team, and how do they work together? Discover personal and process improvements at a team level. Want to know more?

Download the competencies of an Agile team

Organization assessment

Create a roadmap for your transformation together with our Agile Specialists. This assessment includes several workshops and a concrete action plan for the next steps.




Do you want to know what State of Agility can do for you?

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