PI-planning full dependency tracking and support

Agile Cockpit is the tool for mapping dependencies in your roadmap and quarterly plan. Ideal for visualizing the dependencies during your next PI planning in a digital tool that can also transfer the results 1 on 1 to your Jira or Azure DevOps environment.


Outsource the entire PI planning integrally

We take the organization of your PI event off your hands and take care of everything from A to Z. From preparation to aftercare. We use a fixed scenario for this that comes into action long before the PI event. In the preparation, we ensure that all sessions are prepared and all links are established. During the PI event, we will come with consultants/facilitators to guide the sessions and technical support will be present. In addition, we also provide inspiring speaker(s) and fun sessions/exercises to strengthen the team spirit within your teams.

We use a fixed price for your PI event. Because the number of teams/participants, the location, travel and accommodation costs, etc. have a major influence on the costs, it is difficult to give a fixed price for this. Based on an intake interview, in which we determine the size and scope, we will make a targeted quotation. Or turn it around: tell us your budget and together we determine what we can do within this budget.