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Challenges of Portfolio Management

  • Lack of a clear overview of how the teams are working towards the organizational strategy and goals 
  • It is challenging to prioritize strategic initiatives due to the lack of an integrated and transparent view of priorities and available implementation capacity. As a result, no (joint) choices are made about strategic initiatives.  
  • There are no limits to strategic initiatives, and plans are not realistic. It is left to chance what is delivered. 
  • The lack of insight into data makes it difficult to determine the correct business value of strategic initiatives.  


Create transparency in decisions

  • Translate your goals into clearly defined strategic initiatives
  • Define your goals based on clear metrics
  • Gain insight into how the strategic initiatives contribute to the realization of the strategy  

Make an objective prioritization in the portfolio based on your prioritization model

  • Prioritize based on your own chosen prioritization model
  • Make choices based on the themes, goals, or teams you want to prioritize  
  • Create different scenarios to achieve the correct prioritization

Make your projects successful by providing insight into dependencies in your roadmap

  • Make choices in the planning of the chosen priorities
  • Gain insight into how the underlying features relate to the chosen strategic initiatives  
  • Manage the risks in your portfolio by mapping the dependencies in your roadmap during the PI event  

Gain insight into the results of the portfolio and the delivered business value

  • Gain real-time insight into the status of strategic initiatives
  • Follow the highs and lowlights of the various strategic initiatives
  • Bring together the results from different portfolios in a transparent manner

Seamless connection with Jira and/or Azure DevOps


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